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Sexy drunk chicks go wild and show off big boobs on street party
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Isnt it cooler these days to be different and not be showing off drunk/partying in facebook pics?
Or does drunk/party pics never get old.
Most pictures I see on Facebook are so much cleaner then Myspace. Usually outdoors, or the bedroom mirrors.
Where can i find a poem about drunk parties?
not looking for one about drunk driving..but i'm looking for one about if you get drunk at a party and paper take naked pics of you or something like that
why would you be looking for a peom like that for???
Do you think the Canadian Hockey team will face any repercussions for their "party" after their Hockey win?
Just wondering, haven't heard of anything.
Scotty Lago reached an "agreement" to leave after those pictures surfaced of him acting like a doofus.
Do you think the Canadians women will face anything like that for their age drinking and cigar smoking party pics surfaced?
It would make the IOC look rather biased if they made a stink about Scotty Lago and not the Canadians, don't ya think eh?

Who said leave???, if you think the IOC didn't whine about Scotty Lago, your mistaken.
What do you do when you see pics of your man at a house party necking with another girl?
So I'm on facebook and I see a pic of my boyfriend rolling around with another girl. In one she's kissing his neck, the second he's laying on top of her, and the third shes on his back. I know they were drunk, because the next day his friend dropped his drunk a** off at my house. I'm soooo mad right now. What do I do???
tell him what you found and how it makes you feel...... you have a right to be mad so scream your head off - i'd personally make him feel like sh*t like he did to you right now... that must be awful and im sorry being drunk is no excuse
If u post ur pics on facebook of some disco party...how do u write the titles of the pics...?
i gotta post pics on facebook of my husbands bday party....boys were drinking and dancing....couple pics....girls standing....plz give some lines and comments to write under such pics
for the boys who were drinking and dancing, you may write "enjoying the life "
for the Couple you may write "Made 4 each Other"
and for the girls Standing you may write "Finding the Life for her Life"
I am almost 20 and in college. My mom freaked about some party pics and is trying to control me. What do I do?
My mother flipped out on me because of my MySpace profile. Me and a friend had a pic with cleavage. Also a pic of my friend pretending to grope/lick me. We were drinking, and it is college. She only cares because someone else saw the profile, someone at her workplace I think. She has blown it out of proportion and is trying to say that I need psychiatric help, and how I must have low self esteem and blah blah... but that is not true at all!! IT'S WHAT HAPPENS AT COLLEGE, AND IT'S NOT EVEN THAT BIG OF A DEAL! So, what to do?
You will always be mamas little girl but she can't control you anymore
College party home-made drinking game needs a new name? PICS INSIDE?
New name? college game? (drinking)?
our drinking game needs a new name
since we made a new board
the old one was called "Danger Zone"

here is a picture:

what should its new name be?
something catchy or funny please
we were thinking "Baby Got Back","Tipsy", or "Caution"
idk, what are some cute/funny/catchy names?
Suck It
Spin It
Spin It, Suck It, Shoot It
Really any combination of those words would work, lol.
Drink or Drunk Derby
Drink Drank Drunk
I can't see the entire board but it appears to have 6 sides so maybe something with 6 in it?
That's all I can think of off the top of my head....
Is this dress a little too skanky for a christmas work party? (PICS)?
I work at an engineering firm with engineering technicians as young as 21-25 years old so it's still going to be an alive, youthful party with lots of martinis and drinks and music. There will be old people too of course, like in their early 30's and only a few in their 40's. The attire is suppose to be formal. they want the girls to wear cocktail dresses. do you think this dress is too showy for a work christmas party?

i even wore sheer tights to be more on the conservative side otherwise it would be TOO much. and i can even wear a nice dressy cardigan over it if you think the strapless is a little too showy. i don't want to look "too" sexy. which i think i won't since i wore the sheer tights.

Here is me in it img109.imageshack.us/i/photo2137f.jpg/ and img836.imageshack.us/i/photo2134.jpg/

here is a better quality picture of it with a model wearing it so you can get a feel for what the dress really looks like www.forever21.com/images/model_front/84293899-02.jpg
I don't think that it's too showy since you said that the girls are supposed to wear cocktail dresses but I would wear a shrug or a small button-down shirt with it.
Got drunk out of my head at a party?
This might be a bit long, but please bare with!

On Wednesday I got pissed out of my head at my best mate's house party. I've been drunk plenty of times before, but this is the first time where I've been properly smashed and have had trouble remembering the night before.

I'm super lightweight, about 2 cans of beer is enough to get me drunk. Well at the party I had 4 cans of Strongbow (within about 30 mins) a bottle of Budweiser and a shot of Vodka.

This girl tried to get with me in the shed at the bottom of the garden and I looked after her, well tried to, that night. I've been accused of "preying over drunk girls" by a mate. I was with her when she supposedly passed out, but I thought she was asleep and kissed her on the cheek a couple of times, so it probably came across as a bit perverted, when I was just tryna be caring.

On top of that I had my shirt off practically all night for some reason. I mean I have a six pack but I'm really skinny and looking at some of the pics on Facebook made me want to chunder lol. I did all the basic stuff like falling over chairs, dancing crazily etc.

But I also had a depressing time at around midnight with a mate. See there was a girl I liked who was at the party, but she's told me that she doesn't want a relationship (she has a bad reputation unfortunately) and is you could say a bit of a slut. And the girl who tried getting with me, she's lovely but she was also really drunk and apparently got off with other guys. So there were 2 girls there, one who I liked and wasn't interested and one who appeared to like me but I couldn't be sure cos of the drink. My mate was like, "why do you always have to fall for the slutty ones?" but was very caring.

Talking to my best mate, who threw the party, he said I was apparently a massive talking point. (There was a mixture if his and his bro's mates, so it was a 50:50 mixture of ages, 15 - 16 and 18 - 20.) This seems really bad and makes me feel it aswell. What's worse was everyone else was a happy drunk and I was being selfish and annoying, and probably attention seeking.

I'm worried about how the new people I met will perceive me. But I don't want to beat myself up about it, I mean we all have those nights. It seems like I was a right dick, when on the inside I was just trying to have fun.

I know we all go through it eventually but I feel really outcast at the moment, whilst everyone else makes new friends and says thank you for an awesome time, you're so lovely etc. to new people, and I'm sat here worrying about how I'm perceived and feeling like a drunken dick.

Is this all such a bad thing? Should I apologize to people? Should I just take the whole thing on the chin and be wary of it all in the future?

Thank you
Cannot believe I actually took the time to read this but I did.

You should not worry to much, yes you were drunk and obviously everyone knows that, anyone at that party which saw you making an "***" of yourself should understand that you were drunk and these things happen. Next time when you go out with your friends try not to drink as much, only get tipsy, try and prove that you are not what they saw at the last event.

:) good luck
My boss warned me that things posted on facebook can cost a person a job?
and she showed me an article about how that can happen. I didn't think she was talking about me because I never posted anything work-related (except when I first started my job, then I posted a status saying I liked my new job). I don't drink, party, or anything and my pics are pretty boring. Actually my whole fb profile is boring. Why would she do that?
I also agree that she might have been giving you a warning or even just a helpful tip for the future. With that said, if you know you did not post anything bad or work realted on Facebook, there is a good chance that one of your coworkers did. It wouldn't suprise me to hear that she took this article she showed you around to everyone else as well.

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