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Is this a hot piece of ***?

Is she hot??
Oh yeah!
Do u think meghan mccain is hot for a fat chick?***
First of all shes not even really fat, she just has a little chub here and there.
&& Yes shes pretty.
Do You Think Shay Laren is Hot and How Hot?
According to the info listed on Wikipedia she has a natural 36D bust and a BMI of 18.6 so she isn't underweight before anyone tries to derail her on that

Great bust, great height, toned line down her stomach... I think she is worthy of near "10" status myself only thing keeping it from being a full "10" is that her genes didn't favor *** development.…
Very hot..
Does anybody else think Bruce Lee is/was HOT!!!!! ?
I don't know what it is...maybe the fact that he will beat your *** like it's nobody's business or because he's a sagittarius but damn he was fine.……

Bruce Lee, was the MAN!
Who's hotter, Alba or Fox?
Jessica Alba used to be on the guy's #1 list, but now Hollywood has their eye on Fox...and now she's the guy's #1 list. Aiyiyi, how the media brainwashes their fantasy woman LOL. Both hot though in different ways, anyways (and yes im bored tonight)


tried making it equal

the 'sexy nakey" pic, the "red carpet" pic, the "half naked" pic..and the face shot
well in most pictures they both look empty a person caught up in a whirlwind and dont got a clue where they are going.

both are beauties, but a beauty without the rest is like a hollywood building, just a front skeleton.

trying to get ahead showing cleavage is just a ploy, but it does make a difference from many in raitings till they take the bait nd live lost loose lives, then they move on to the next victim to lure to fantasize over to take their 'purity'

Jessica does seem to have some personality at times.

David in Jesus amazing grace and thanks
What a clASSy question, how do I get in shape and not...?
I used to be a fat guy years ago, I been lose the weight but my skin (*** area) is saggy and looks like this now:…

how can I get tone and not lose my *** also?
Do squats and deadlifts! On top of other workouts too. Like bench, pullups, the whole nine yards. And run everyday if you can. I just prefer steroids...
How is this emo/scene?
Prepare for a long speech or rant, whichever you prefer. Every time I show a friend what hair cut I want, they always say the same thing- I didn't know you were emo?

Here are the so called requirements of Emo or scene or whatever people. I don't understand how picking one part of your looks means you fall under this 'category'. I'm not stereotyping either, since this is what everyone on the internet says they have:

1. INSANE hair cuts
2. stark contrasts in hair color- like black and pink
3. generally have lots of piercings and 'tattoos'
4. always carry Messenger Bags
5. Wear glasses (WTF? That's loads of people)
6. Converse sneakers
7. Tight Jeans
8. Studded Belts (Two or three at a time)
9. Cry a lot
10. Write poetry all the time
11. Always talk about hurting themselves and complaining
12. Shop at Hot topic
13. (this one is fairly new) Are in Love with Twilight
14. bandannas or huge hairclips
15. Like bands like Avenged Sevenfold
16. black nails
17. Have belt buckles or wallet chains
18. Wear armbands or arm sleeves


First off, how can anyone be 'emo' in the first place? Isn't that a music genre?! Just doesn't make any since if you ask me. They could say they are a strange offspring of Gothic, but maybe not. I dunno, I've never even talked to one before.

I decided a few years ago that when I turned 18 I was going to get a complete makeover (well just my hair and clothes really) and I decided to get something similar to this, only all blue. I chose something like this since I have a huge forehead and hate that I can't cover it (I've never had bands before):…

1. I'm in no way endorsing that everyone should have crazy *** rainbow colored hair, I want only one color (however I may change it every year or so to another color) at a time, but I really don't see what the big deal is anyway... It's just flippin' hair, and last I checked It was yours to do with as you pleased.

2. Sometimes two completely different colors do go good together, but only as highlights, not one strip of bright color on dark... but that's my opinion

3. I only have my ears pierced, like every other sane girl i know; and tattoos aren't really accepted in my religion.

4. I don't have a messenger bag anymore; just a computer bag (because I go to college and the only thing I want to carry is my Comp)
and I don't know a single person who hasn't had a messenger/shoulder bag at some point. Yes that includes guys.

5. I DO wear glasses, and that's probably because I'm half blind! I don't see how wearing htem proves anything. Not everyone that wears glasses is smarty pants or a dork you know.

6. I used to Love my only pair of converse, I got them when I was 10- they were pink and white, and while I really don't like pink, I wore them anyway. I haven't worn converse since though... just regular sketchers or flats.

7. Wearing tight anything is just plain gross, especially if your a guy... doesn't look right at all and your only harming your you-know-what.

8. Who didn't stare at a studded belt one day and think dang that's just awesome! I don't have one, and I'm never paying $20 for a flippin' belt, but I still think their kinda cool. I do have a belt with metal skulls and crossbones on it though, but I only wear it when I actually need it. I'll love 'em until I die and you can't stop me! But I'll never wear two belts, that's just retarded.

9. I only cry when someone I know has died, or I'm watching an awesome action movie and the main character dies or someone he loves gets whacked (ex: Braveheart (I finally saw it yesterday lol), Gladiator, Clash of the Titans, Troy. These are all strangely in the same genre) And anyone (especially a teen boy) who cries for a silly reason is a complete and utter wussy. Sorry to be harsh, but I'm a girl and I don't even cry over stupid ****.

10. Oh, I write poetry all right, damn good poetry too… when I’m in English class!

11. If you want to cut yourself all the time, then why don't you just go ahead and throw yourself of a building? (mean I know, but really?) If you want to hurt yourself and your not starring in the next edition of Saw, then why are you wasting your own time? Maybe they could just try climbing a tall ladder and falling off and see how that feels as a test run. (little do they know jumping off a high building means you'll die of shock before you even splat on the ground.

12. I’m personally disgusted with how many posers there are at that store now, mind you I only walk past it when I hang at the mall with my friends, but you can see all kinds of annoying fangirls running around in there… and I blame it on harry potter and twilight. (no offense if you like them though, but I hope your not obsessed)

13. If your in love with Edward or whoever else is in that movie/book then great for you I guess, If your sole purpose in life is to conform to
i totally agree with you!! i dont unerstand it at all either! and i dont get why people cut themselvves cuz like u said if u wanna hurt yourself just go jump off a cliff or something! i dont get it and i liked ur choice or haircuts! it looked pretty cool!
Who is hotter from behind?

Torrie Wilson:………



Who is hotter from behind??
Lita. :P

Who do you think?
Who is hotter from behind?

Torrie Wilson:………



Who is hotter from behind??
Torrie Wilson

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