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What would happen if a woman crossed her legs and refused to push the baby out?
I know a woman probably wouldn't do this and the pressure would be too great and whatnot, but if for some reason a woman just kept her legs crossed, what would happen?
the woman would also be in terrible pain, probably damaging herself and the guy.
WHy are breasts and legs the most important part of a woman?
To me, if I see a woman with ugly legs and tiny breasts, she should be ignored.
They're not the most important part of a woman. Their character is.

So if I meet a man who is unpleasant (i.e. "a poor excuse for a person"), I ignore him. Doesn't matter what he looks like.

Change your priorities, this might help.
Since when are tall woman the only woman to have long legs?
Can't a short woman have long legs too? I just decided to post because it seems that some taller woman critique short woman on having stubby legs.
It's all proportional, right? Some women are short and have short legs, and some short women have long legs. Likewise some tall women have short legs and some have long legs. So it just depends how your genes comes out in the mix.

I'm 5'0" but for my body size I have very long legs. I still have short legs compared to an amazon woman whose 5'11"

I definitely don't have stubbly legs tho.
Why would shaving a woman's legs with a man's razor dull the blade and cause nicking?
I don't get it. Why do men say that when a woman shaves her legs with a man's razor, it nicks and cuts their face? I understand dulling the razor, but that can't be it, my husband's facial hair is much rougher almost like cactus needles compared to my much softer leg hair. How can shaving my legs with his razor dull it while his facial hair not dull the blade? If it isn't nicking and cutting his face because it's dull, then why?
You're covering a much larger surface area on your legs than he is on his face, it's not just a factor of how course the hair may be. When he is the only person using a blade he can tell when it's starting to dull and can change the blade before it starts tearing his face apart. If someone else comes in a uses the blade (epically shaving as much area as the legs) and he doesn't know about it the blade is already past the point where it's going to nick and cut and he's going to get cut-up without warning.
Does anyone get turned on when a woman exposes her legs?
I'm not trying to be perverse but every time I encounter a woman wearing a skirt on the street, I end up staring at their legs. I admit women has nice legs but I can't help it but to look at them. Maybe humans are attracted to skin? I don't know.
I think it is normal for a man to look at woman's leg wearing a skirt on the street.
Opposite sex attracts each other.
Ladies: Have you ever seen a woman shaving her legs in the sink of a public restroom?
Now that I'm 34 and a half my mum thinks I'm old enough to use public restrooms by myself so I don't get to spend as much time in women's restrooms as I'd like to but today I saw a man shaving his face in the restroom at the grocery store and it begged the question, Ladies, have you ever seen a woman shaving her legs in the sink of a public restroom?
no but a girl from my school shaved her fadge in the girls toilets.
What is the name of the movie that starts off with a man driving and a woman has her legs around his neck?
It is a Rated R movie. The woman is in the back seat of the car but has her leg wrapped around the man's neck driving the car and she trying to choke him with her legs. I think the man in the driving the car is a detective and the woman is the bad person. The man was driving really fast.
That sounds to me like Romeo is Bleeding with Gary Oldman and Lena Olin.
Are you disgusted by a man with shaved legs? Or a woman with hairy legs?
If so, why do you feel that a woman shaving her legs is natural/mandatory, and yet when a male does so it is a source of disgust? Do you personally believe your views are the effect of societal conditioning or nature?
I'm not disgusted by a man or woman with shaved legs or hairy legs. I shave when I feel like it. I did it for a few years but it got real old, real fast. There is no logical reason to do it, so I don't. But then, I really don't give a **** what other people think about how I look. Being socially acceptable is not very high on my list; I do enough to hold a job. If it's really important to someone, that's their problem.
What is the point of a woman shaving her legs in the winter and how is it gross?
I don't! I shave under my arms because I still want to wear short shirts in the winter under my jackets and hair under your arms trap sweat and it makes you more funky. I would shave my legs in the summer but what is the point if your going to wear jeans,pants,leggings and really tall snow boots all winter? Why do women shave their legs in the winter? It doesn't make sense to me. I understand shaving in certain places like your pubic areas because that can attract bad scents and give you ingrown hair but ladies why the legs in the winter?
Because the guy doesn't want a hair leg in bed with them. I guess if you are single and planning on staying that way, then not shaving your legs in the winter is ok.
Is it beneficial for a woman to use a shaving brush when shaving her legs?
I've heard that it can be beneficial for a woman to lather her legs with a shaving brush (traditionally used by men for facial shaving) because it improves the closeness of the shave, prevents stubble, bumps, nicks, and the skin from drying out. I was just wondering if I could lend credence this theory, and if it would improve my overall shaving experience. Thanks for your help!
1] use an extra protection or extra moisturizing shave cream or gel
a] NOT soap - ever - too drying, no protection
b] shampoo or conditioner or moisturizing body wash will work in a pinch
2] use a new blade or razor every three-four shaves
3] shave after in shower or tub for several minutes
a] hair softer, so you get a close shave
b] if you wait too long, skin will 'plump' up, causing a less close shave stubble next day
4] shave up legs - ankle to knee; knee; knee to groin
a] point toes down to shave front of ankle [ or you get nicks ]
b] point toes up to shave back of ankle
c] straighten leg to shave both fronts and backs of knees
5] armpits - shave all up; then all down
6] pubis - shave WITH hair growth [ or you get ingrown hairs ]
7] do three strokes with razor, then rinse blade
8] overlap strokes ONCE: do not re-do several times [ razor burn ]
9] rinse thoroughly
10 ] let dry for several minutes before applying lotion [ prevent sensitive skin from reacting with any ingredients in lotion ]

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